Saturday, February 4, 2012

Q & A Saturday : Shopping for Clothes

We went to the mall today.  My husband took Dylan to the kid's play area, the bathroom, the play area again, and to look at the fish in the time I spent in ONE store looking for clothes.  Shopping is complete torture for me.  I tried on a pair of  gray pants that fit well, and looked good, but were a little too long in the "tall".  I tried the same pants in a different color in the "average", and they fit, but I really wanted to get them in the gray color, because I found a couple shirts that looked really good with the gray pants.  I had the girl check the other stores in the area to see if they had any.  

After being told a particular mall had "a couple", we drove about 1/2 hour to that mall.  Big surprise!  They did NOT have the gray pants.  So, I tried them in a different color in the "average", and they were too short.  Then I thought maybe the ones at the other mall were labelled wrong, so I tried them in the "tall", and they were long enough, but didn't fit in the waist!  GAH!  After driving all that way, I only bought a jacket.  A jacket that I will probably return, because they didn't have the shirt I wanted to wear under the jacket in my size at that mall.  Did you get all that?

This week's Q & A Saturday question is "Do you love or hate to shop?  Why?  If you need clothes, where do you look?"

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  1. I love to shop for house stuff and trinkets but hate to shop for clothes. I like buying clothes but the trying on part gets me! We have limited shopping here in Chico so it is mostly Kohl's and Target for me. I do shop on-line at Zappo's, Eddie Bauer (for T's) though and dream of having a better wardrobe which is on my Pinterest board!