Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Feature: Another Day Boutique

Drum roll please....... The winner of last week's Friday Feature giveaway is...

The third comment was actually Megan's saying "I'm following!", but she also said...
I would love to fill out my "I believe..." collection...

She Believed that She Could Fly
She Believed in Wishing Stars
She Believed in Triple Scoops

Diane is the best! Thanks for hosting this content! :)

Congratulations Megan!  Please email me at, with your name and address for shipment.

If you didn't win, no worries!  I have another great giveaway for you today!

This week's Friday Feature is Another Day Boutique.  I thought this would be a great Etsy shop to feature this week, since people are thinking about what they can get their loved ones for Valentine's Day.  What mother, or grandmother wouldn't love one of these?

Or these?

I really like this one also...

Tammy is offering either a choice of a pet tag, or a keychain for the winner of this giveaway.

Here is one of the keychains...

and here is one of the pet tags...

The dog graphic is so cute!

Tammy has graciously offered the choice of either a pet tag, or a keychain for this giveaway, (valued at $11-$15).  To enter to win, you need to visit her Etsy store here... and then leave a comment on this post saying which keychain or pet tag you would like to win.  For an additional entry, become a Follower of "Get Your Mom On". (Leave a second comment saying that you did this).  A winner will be chosen randomly on Thursday, February 2, 2012.

The world works in strange and often mysterious ways.  My husband's father passed away very suddenly this week, and when I was writing this post, I read Tammy's profile for the first time.  Here is part of it...

"I chose the name Another Day Boutique one winter day when I was driving to work on icy roads. I started sliding sideways and came within inches of being in a terrible accident. The first words out of my mouth was "Thank You" and then "Another Day" came on the radio. At that moment I knew that I had been blessed with another day and knew that would be the name of my new shop. I chose the cherry blossom because to me it represents the changes in life. One day the tree has beautiful blooms.....and soon they are gone. Even though they are gone, we still have the memories of them and can cherish the time they were here. Whether your kids are small and still at home or are grown and have moved out....or you have lost someone close to can keep them close to your heart and memory with a precious keepsake. Cherish your blessings....."

Thanks for the reminder, Tammy.  It is so appropriate for my family this week, and so true.  Each day we get with the people in our lives is a blessing.  I hope you all make this one special.

(No purchase is necessary.  The odds of winning are based upon the number of entries.  Each person is allowed two entries, one by leaving a comment, and one by becoming a Follower of "Get Your Mom On".  U.S. residents 18 and older are eligible to enter.  The chosen winner will have 36 hours to contact Jen at with their full name and mailing address for shipment.  After 36 hours, a second winner will be chosen).

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Favorite Valentine's Day Ideas

Hello.  My name is Jen, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Okay, I'm not "addicted", but it is really hard to resist spending hours looking at all those fantastic ideas.  I love looking, but I fear that for me, Pinterest should be called "Things I Would Love To Do, But Probably Won't".  Maybe you have more time, or motivation?  Anyway, here are my favorite Pinterest finds lately...

My favorite FREE ideas...

My Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas...

My Favorite Classmate Ideas...

I just love this idea because it's not candy, but actually something good for them!
From BHG

Hey, if you do one of these, will you let me know how it goes?  Oh, and if you want me to find more, I could probably be persuaded to spend a little more time on Pinterest.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Q & A Saturdays: Dates

I was visiting a friend recently, and we were discussing how infrequently we go on dates with our husbands.  We were both wondering why, and didn't have a lot of answers.

Jim and I both have parents who live nearby, who are happy to watch my son, and yet we only seem to go on a "date" every few months.  We seem to have a lot to do on the weekends.

I was reading an article recently that talked about how important it is for children to see their parents spending time together.  The author said that it makes children feel secure, knowing that their parents have good relationships.  It certainly makes sense to me.  So often, with young kids around, a husband and wife can go days without really talking.  I know that Jim are usually so tired by the time Dylan is in bed, that instead of talking, we just relax and watch TV.  Maybe we should make dates more of a priority.

This weeks question for Q & A Saturday is...

How often do you and your husband go on dates?  Do you pay for a babysitter, or does a family member or friend watch the kids?  What do you usually do on your dates?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Feature: The Sunshine Shop by Duda Daze

This is my first ever "Friday Feature" post!  Since I live in Pittsburgh, I wanted to choose an artist from my town.  When I came across The Sunshine Shop by Duda Daze I just knew it had to be first.  I love Diane's artistic style, and the characters she draws are so endearing that you will fall instantly in love.  They just make me happy.  I wanted to choose my five favorites, and I have to say that it was ridiculously hard.  I love them all.  But, here are my choices...

"Bring Your Own Sunshine"  (This would be especially helpful for me, during the cold, cloudy winters in Pittsburgh!)

"Invisible Crown"  (I might enjoy doing the laundry, if I had this hanging in my laundry room.  Okay, that's ridiculous.  But, this would definitely make it a bit more bearable).

"The Happy Couple"  (Aren't they sweet?  You can really feel the love).

"Balancing Act"  (This would be great in a circus themed bedroom.  Have you ever seen a more adorable elephant?)

"Bluebird"  (I saved my favorite for last.  I am in love with this little bluebird.  LOVE).

Diane has graciously offered a 3 print set for this giveaway, (valued at $25).  To enter to win, you need to visit her Etsy store here... and then leave a comment on this post saying which 3 prints you would love to win.  For an additional entry, become a Follower of "Get Your Mom On". (Leave a second comment saying that you did this).  A winner will be chosen randomly on Thursday, January 26, 2012.

(No purchase is necessary.  The odds of winning are based upon the number of entries.  Each person is allowed two entries, one by leaving a comment, and one by becoming a Follower of "Get Your Mom On".  U.S. residents 18 and older are eligible to enter.  The chosen winner will have 36 hours to contact Jen at with their full name and mailing address for shipment.  After 36 hours, a second winner will be chosen).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Put Down The Camera

When I was 15 years old, I learned to ski.  My parents took me and two of my friends for a lesson.  My dad decided he would give it a try also.  I can still remember 15 year old me, giggling hysterically as my dad fell again and again.  Yes, it amused 15 year old me, but I do remember thinking it was cool that he tried.  Do you want to guess what my mom was doing while all of us took the lesson?  She was taking pictures.

I love taking pictures.  I take a ton of them.  My son's childhood will be WAY more documented than mine was.  I have a deep urge to document memories, and I hope when he is older that he will appreciate that about me.  But, let me tell you what I also hope he appreciates and remembers about me... that I tried.

I want him to remember that I wasn't afraid to get dirty, to get wet, to get hurt, to make a complete ass of myself.  I can wash my clothes.  I can get dry.  Bruises heal.  Those people thinking I look like an ass are just jealous because I AM HAVING FUN.

Fun?  Remember fun?  Kids get it.  They know that jumping in mud puddles, dancing in the rain, doing a cannonball into the deep end, and digging in the dirt is FUN.  When did we forget?  Snap a few pictures and then put down the camera and get wet.  Get dirty.  Make an ass of yourself.  Your kids will love it.  They might laugh at you outwardly, but inside they'll be thinking it's pretty cool that you tried.  Those are the memories they'll love the most, and guess what?  They'll be your favorite memories too.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Customized Valentine Puzzles

I don't know about you, but I like to plan ahead.  So, it completely annoyed me when I stopped in to Target last week to look at Valentine's Day stuff, and they didn't have it out yet!  We have to look at Christmas stuff the week after Halloween, but only get a few weeks for Valentine's Day?!  Ridiculous.

So, for the other planners, here is a great idea I came across for your kids, husband, friends... anyone!  How about a free, customized puzzle that incorporates words and clues from your relationship?  (  Simple to do, and FREE!  You can't go wrong with that.  I made this one for my husband...

My Husband

H A V E I E V E R S T O G L H 
D Y O U H O W M M U C H E A I 
F U N A P P R A E C I M N A T 
E Y O U H F R V Y S Y D E N N 
L E J Q Z T L V U B S D R J H 
G O U U D N W H E O W Y O V Q 
C N Y N V Z R S M X F P U W K 
T A U A J D T E E W S V S E J 
R A J Q L F A U J R A W O X Y 
I U R M R K L D N Q M K H R C 
R E Z I X J R O T P N I E U F 
G V E O U E X T V A L N K P J 
S N N W Y D C C X I E D P Y Q 
D E A S Y G O I N G N R I M E 
Y N N U F Q T L N W C G G B S 


__ __ __ __   __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __   __ __ __   __ __ __ __   

__   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __   __ __ __ ? 
I entered the title, the words I wanted to use, and the "secret question", and thewebsite created the puzzle.  They also have other kinds of puzzles.  I'm going tomake one for my puzzle obsessed kid too.  You want to know what I really love about this?  I don't have to spend a bunch of time looking for a five dollar card with someone else's words on it!  It's from my mind and my heart only!

If you make one, can you let me know how it goes?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Q and A Saturdays - Supplements

My plan is to feature a different Etsy artist every Friday, but I'm not ready today.  Next week I am going to feature a Pittsburgh artist whose work I adore, and host a giveaway, so make sure you come back next Friday!

So, I'm going to give you an extra day to leave a comment for "Q and A Saturdays".  Here's what "Q and A Saturdays" are all about... (from my Page)

*I often find myself wondering, "How do other mom's do this?"  Keeping the paper clutter under control, for instance.  What is the secret? 

Maybe you don't like to ask your mom friends these questions?   Maybe you like to give off the illusion that you already have all the answers?  Well you can ask me, and I'll post the question on Q & A Saturday. I don't even have to mention your name, if you don't want me to.  Or, if you're like me, and have no problem admitting defeat, I'll happily link to you.  If you have a question, email it to me at, and let me know if you want me to link to you.

Those of you who have the answers to our questions, I really hope you'll take a minute to leave a comment with your advice!*

I don't know if it is my age, but i seem to be taking a ridiculous amount of pills in the mornings.  I found an old Prevention article that I saved that says that 96% of registered dietitians take at least one supplement, according to a survey.  84% take a multivitamin, 64% take calcium, 47% take fish oil, 43% take vitamin D, and 29% take vitamin C.  (The article was written by Sara Wahlberg).  I'm taking all five of those right now!

So, the question this week is... Do you take any supplements and if so, which ones?  Do you think they help?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Need To Organize

One of the most popular resolutions that people focus on in January is GETTING ORGANIZED.  I write that in all caps because for most of us, that task is a bit scary and overwhelming.  It is really easy to accumulate tons of "stuff", especially when you have small children.  I have to admit that I love organizing.    I try to organize things throughout the year, but I do seem to turn into an organization drill sergeant each year in January.  "DIDN'T I SAY NO MAIL ON THE KITCHEN TABLE!  DROP AND GIVE ME 20 SOLDIER!"

On our first floor, we have a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and family room.  I like to keep the living room free of toys, so the family room became our "playroom".  Since I pay most of our bills online, with the laptop, most of our paper clutter ends up in the kitchen or the playroom (the two rooms I seem to spend the most time).  We somehow ended up with an ugly, industrial looking file cabinet in the family room.  The files weren't organized, and it didn't work in the room.  It has bugged me since we moved in, (three years ago!).

We don't have a lot of space in the family room, so we decided to get file cabinets that could double as end tables.  We ordered them four months ago from Home Decorators Collection.  They said they were back ordered, and they would arrive in October.  Then October came and went, and we were told November, etc, etc.  (We ended up getting a nice discount for all the hassle, so I guess it wasn't all bad).


I know my organized files aren't that exciting, but they do make my heart swell with joy!  I would have liked to get pretty files, but I didn't want to spend more money, so I just used what we had for the first one.  Then, I ran out and decided to go to Target and get some pretty ones for the second cabinet.  Unfortunately, Target didn't have any pretty hanging file folder options, so I had to go with plain colors. But, my heart is still happy.  Plus, now I won't spend countless hours looking for this paper or that paper.
Now I just have to decide what to organize next!  How about you?  Are you in organizing mode this month?  Need some help?

Here are some "paper clutter" geniuses...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The new year is a time when resolutions are made.  "I'm going to eat better!"  "I'm going to lose weight!"  "I'm going to exercise!"  Such lofty goals, but come February most people have already given up.  I think it has something to do with a lack of a plan.

I didn't make a lot of resolutions this year, but something has been bothering me.  There has been a lot of negativity in my home lately.  Mainly from my five year old son, Dylan, but my husband and I aren't completely innocent.  Dylan has become extremely competitive this year, and hates losing.  To say that he doesn't handle losing well would be an understatement.  I don't like the crying that comes after he loses, but it is the negativity during the game that was making me crazy.

"I never win this game!  I'm no good at this!  I can't do it!" - it was making playing any kind of game a miserable experience.  A few days ago, we sat down to play a game, and I got the first point.  "I KNOW I'M GOING TO LOSE!", he screamed.  I lost it.  I had been talking to him about not being negative until I was blue in the face, but obviously it wasn't working.  I needed to get creative.

Meet "Mr. Negative Pig"...

When anyone in the family makes a negative comment, we have to put a penny in the pig.  Why a penny?  Well, to be honest, I anticipated a LOT of comments being made, and I didn't want more money in the pig than in my wallet!  (Hmmm... that was a bit negative, wasn't it?)

When I got the idea, I was going to use a jar, and call it "The Negativity Jar".  I found a jar, and my husband said "Really?  A glass jar?  With Dylan around?"  I put the jar back.  We didn't have a plastic jar, but we did have a plastic purple pig that my parents' neighbors had given us for Dylan.  I already had the round label, and the conversation stickers.  On those, I wrote the negative statements that we often make in this house.  Dylan's are "I'll never win!",   "I can't beat you at anything!",   "I can't do it!", and "I lose every time!"  Jim's are "I don't have time to do anything!", and "We'll never have any money!"  Mine are "Why do we live here?" (I say that every year in the winter), "You never listen to me!" (said when my husband asks me a question about something I just told him about 10 minutes earlier), and "I hate all my clothes!

I have to tell you that so far "Mr. Negative Pig" is working wonders!  It has really made us all more careful about what we say.  Playing games isn't miserable anymore, and Jim said something the other day that almost made me fall over.  After the Steelers lost the playoff game, in an extremely close, nail biter game, he actually said, "Well, at least we'll have our Sundays free now".  Whoa!

What bad habits does your family need to work on this year?  Hate whining?  How about a "Whine" Jar?  When it's full, you can buy yourself a bottle of wine, (if you can wait that long!)  Or, if you want to encourage your kids to be kinder to each other, how about a "Compliment Box".  Every night at the dinner table you could each write something nice about the members of your family and put it in the box.  Then, have each person read one.  Be creative.  This idea doesn't take a lot of time, or money, but it could make a big difference in your home.  If you do it, let me know how it goes!


I envy those people who seem to have known since the age of five what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I've had many jobs.  In my early years, I was an ice cream maker extraordinaire, a computer lab monitor,  a playground supervisor, a babysitter, a summer camp counselor, a tutor, a Latch Key Kids counselor.  After college, I worked at a sign shop, in daycares, as a preschool teacher, owned a business for a short time, and was a nanny.

There was one job I always knew I wanted, and I knew that I'd be good at.  I wrote a poem about it in first grade that made my teacher cry.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  I can honestly say that I love it. 

I'm not saying it's easy.  There are plenty of days that I just want to sit down and cry out, "I just need a little help!"  If you're a mom, I'm guessing you've had days like that too.  This blog is for you.  Sometimes, you just have to get in the right frame of mind.  Sometimes, you just have to "Get Your Mom On".  Don't worry.  I'll help.

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