Sunday, January 22, 2012

Q & A Saturdays: Dates

I was visiting a friend recently, and we were discussing how infrequently we go on dates with our husbands.  We were both wondering why, and didn't have a lot of answers.

Jim and I both have parents who live nearby, who are happy to watch my son, and yet we only seem to go on a "date" every few months.  We seem to have a lot to do on the weekends.

I was reading an article recently that talked about how important it is for children to see their parents spending time together.  The author said that it makes children feel secure, knowing that their parents have good relationships.  It certainly makes sense to me.  So often, with young kids around, a husband and wife can go days without really talking.  I know that Jim are usually so tired by the time Dylan is in bed, that instead of talking, we just relax and watch TV.  Maybe we should make dates more of a priority.

This weeks question for Q & A Saturday is...

How often do you and your husband go on dates?  Do you pay for a babysitter, or does a family member or friend watch the kids?  What do you usually do on your dates?


  1. This one is tough. We hardly ever go on dates. Getting a baby sitter always seems like mission impossible, so we usually only do it when we have to i.e. a party to attend, or a group outing. It has been ages since we did just a date with Dave and I. Dang, maybe we should try to do this more often. Although, it does get costly when you factor in a babysitter and a dinner out!

  2. Brooke, paying a babysitter and buying a meal would be expensive! I've often thought about doing a "date swap" with another couple, where you watch their kids one week so they can go out, then they watch your kids the next week while you go out. Just haven't found the right couple to do it yet.