Monday, January 23, 2012

My Favorite Valentine's Day Ideas

Hello.  My name is Jen, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Okay, I'm not "addicted", but it is really hard to resist spending hours looking at all those fantastic ideas.  I love looking, but I fear that for me, Pinterest should be called "Things I Would Love To Do, But Probably Won't".  Maybe you have more time, or motivation?  Anyway, here are my favorite Pinterest finds lately...

My favorite FREE ideas...

My Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas...

My Favorite Classmate Ideas...

I just love this idea because it's not candy, but actually something good for them!
From BHG

Hey, if you do one of these, will you let me know how it goes?  Oh, and if you want me to find more, I could probably be persuaded to spend a little more time on Pinterest.


  1. Those are really cute ideas. Pinterest can be very addicting! I'm going to forward them to my sister, she's a kindergarten teacher.

  2. Great ideas!!!! I'm with you....I just LOVE Pintrest!